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Dear Customer:


We, at Red Maple Byobu Gallery offer high quality, original Japanese traditional painting screens to people everywhere outside of Japan.  We are committed to bringing only the best from the world of exquisite Japanese painting right to your home to be appreciated for its timeless beauty and elegance.

With history dating back more than 2,000 years, Japanese painting screen (Byobu) and calligraphy scroll (Kakejiku) are hauntingly beautiful and spiritual.  Having an original, signed Japanese painting will give you joy and peace every time you admire it and it will be treasured for generations.

Red Maple Byobu Gallery is your bridge to Japanese culture, art and serenity.  It is our greatest pleasure and honor to bring you happiness and calmness of mind through the enjoyment and prestige of owning beautiful traditional Japanese art.  We look forward to helping you start your own tradition of original Japanese art treasures!

Art Gallery and Mounting Place :

Unsei-Do, the first generation of the Art Gallery and Mounting Place, opened its business in Ina-shi, Nagano, Japan in the Taisho period about 100 years ago.  The second and third generation succeeded to his father's business and now it is an award-winning, long-established Art Gallery and Mounting Place for 100 years.
Through years of wars and confrontations, we have guarded traditional mounting techniques of paintings.  With a support of patronage and customers, it is our pleasure that the second generation was awarded as a "Master-hand of Shinshu" in 1998.  This tradition will continue.

We thank you for your sincere support over the years.   With the intention of devoting ourselves to Japanese traditional culture, especially Japanese screens, we hope you will treasure the beauty of Japanese paintings.

For personal service or enquires, please contact Ms. Toshiko Dozono by e-mail to:  We look forward to hearing from you!