No. X-103 “Flower Cart” Gold silk

Flowers of the four seasons and Cart

Flowers of the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – are gorgeously depicted on the flower cart, making this a stunning work reminiscent of the Heian period. It is a work that can be enjoyed all year round, with cherry blossoms in spring, peonies/hydrangeas in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn, and daffodils and plums in winter. During the Heian period, flower carts were enjoyed by aristocrats, and this pattern was also painted on imperial palaces. The gold leaf that forms the background is pressed paper using a method called omotebaku. This method involves stretching silk over Torinoko washi paper and pasting gold leaf on top of it, which brings out the unevenness of the silk on the surface, which diffuses light and creates silk-like gold leaf with a calming atmosphere.

Prod. No. X-103       “Flower Cart" Gold Silk
Size: height 92 cm (36″) x width 180 cm (71″) Price US$2,380