No. X-129 Pheasant & Plum tree  on gold dyed silk by Master Juho Tominaga

Pheasant, Chrysanthemum, and Plum

Prod. No. X-129   Pheasant &Plume tree on gold dyed silk  by Master Juho Tominaga
Size: height 92 cm (36″) x width 181 cm (71″)    Price US$2,590

Pheasant, Chrysanthemum, and Plum: This is a stunning work depicting chrysanthemums, plums, and pheasants, with two pheasants in the center. The pheasant is a representative bird that has been loved by the Japanese since ancient times, and has been designated as Japan’s national bird. The pheasant, which often appears in tanka poems, haiku poems, and proverbs, can be said to be a bird that reflects the Japanese spirit, which is inseparable from Japanese culture.